Gran Duque de Alba
Gran Duque de Alba Oro


Gran Duque de Alba

In EEC terms and according to R (EEC) 110/2008, a ‘Brandy’ type spirit made from grape spirit and high-quality holandas, matured for a long period of time and aged in oak casks. In Spain, it is a brandy certified within the Specific Demarcation of Brandy de Jerez, Solera Gran Reserva.

Alcohol content: 40% Alc./Vol.

Type of product: Brandy de Jerez

Solera Gran Reserva

Sugar content: 17 gr./l

To make things even better, the Duque de Alba brandy is the raw material from which Gran Duque de Alba Oro is made; it is once again put into the solera system and slowly advances through the five criaderas until it reaches the solera cask once again.

It follows the same process as Duque de Alba, but is matured and aged even further, this time in casks of American oak aged with palo cortado wine. Aged for an average of 20 years in the traditional system of Criaderas y Solera.

A glossy blend of old mahogany and ebony. An intense nose with notes of vanilla and mulch, no doubt owing to the brandy’s long ageing. A lavishly complex palate with a finish that is plump and creamy yet velvety at the same time.

Serve in a thin snifter at room temperature, allowing it to warm up in your hand. Excellent for sitting around the table on special occasions.

Gran Duque de Alba